What are coach and tour bus wraps?

When you say tour, the first thing anyone thinks of is the tour bus. Similar to the arrival of a circus train proclaiming a marvelous show’s presence in town, the sight of a tour bus roaming around the city before a much-anticipated event can get fans very excited.

Given this, it’s only wise to maximize all your resources, including your modes of transportation, and make them part of your marketing strategy. Compared to the other forms of advertising that your tour needs, mobile advertising is much cheaper. It’s a small investment that goes a long way – literally!

One way to do this is through vehicle wrapping. Advertisements for our tour are laid out to fit your tour bus’ measurements then printed on vinyl wraps. The wraps are then applied to the bus, covering it in part or in whole. The result is an attention-grabbing vehicle that no one can miss on the road. It’s a great way to tell the world that your show is an event that no one can miss seeing!

Bus Wrap

Benefits of coach and tour bus wraps?

Using buses for promotion has long been a popular idea, one that has boosted product sales, public campaigns and political causes. It has the potential to boost your tour’s ticket sales too! The average American spends two hours on the road daily – plenty of time every day to encounter your bus traveling around the area, announcing your presence in the neighborhood. You can capitalize on this by making your tour bus a more dynamic part of your marketing strategy.

For example, encourage fans to take photos of the tour bus on the road. This will make people more attentive to your bus’ presence on the streets. Then urge them to post photos of the bus with a hashtag to ramp up excitement on social media. Now your investment in your tour bus wraps is doing double duty, on the streets and on the Internet! You can then feature fans’ posts on your social media pages or give away freebies to chosen fan photos to keep the hype for the tour bus – and subsequently, the event – going.

At the event itself, the tour bus doubles as an extra attraction. Park the tour bus outside the venue and watch the line for pictures grow. You’d be surprised how a selfie with a tour bus would be enough to send fans over the moon! With a little creativity, your small investment in tour bus wraps can go a long, long way in creating big anticipation for your show.

shuttle bus wrap

Be ubiquitous with Gatorwraps

Gatorwraps services vehicles nationwide. Whatever city your tour will travel to, we’ll be nearby! Gatorwraps uses top-quality vinyl to create stunning wraps for your coaches and tour buses. Bring your own design or work with our staff to design tour bus wraps consistent with your event’s branding strategy.

Take Gatorwraps on tour with you, and dress up your tour bus, your service cars, and even your jet so you can promote on the go!