Answering Five FAQs Regarding Custom Advertising Wall Wraps

Wall wraps may not be anything new in the world of advertising, but they are still one of the best ways to market your business to the local community. After all, custom advertising wall wraps are eye-catching and offer a clear call to action to your target market.

If you have never worked with custom advertising wall wraps in the past, you probably have a dozen questions in your head. We’ll tackle some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of your custom advertising wall wrap:

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How easy is it to remove wall wraps once installed?

One of the key features of advertising wall wraps is that they are quite easy to remove without causing damage to the wall’s surface. Most vinyl wall wraps made with 3M vinyl make use of a low-adhesive back. Despite its name, it clings to the wall quite well while assuring you that removing it would be an equally simple process. The best part is that the adhesive won’t leave any sticky residue on the surface, saving you the headache of wiping down leftover adhesive.

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Can I re-apply a wall wrap after I’ve removed it?

Yes, it is possible to re-apply a wall wrap after it has been removed. However, it would not be an ideal situation if the adhesive on the back remains exposed. If you plan to store it in this state, there’s a good chance that the wall wrap will fold onto itself or even start to bubble. “Re-applying” wall wraps are best left for fixing the position of the wrap during installation. For the record, most wall wraps can only be reapplied two times at most, so take your time when installing it to avoid mistakes.

Do I need a specific type of wall wrap for outdoor applications?

Most standard advertising wall wraps are made with indoor use in mind. If you are planning to use your wall wrap on an exterior wall to help your business attract more customers, it’s highly advised that you let your supplier know you intend to use the design in an outdoor setting. This way, your supplier knows to use special vinyl to help the wall wrap stave off UV damage. A special adhesive will also be used to ensure it won’t dry up or melt under the heat of the sun.

What do I need to do to prepare for installation?

Installing custom advertising wall wraps is easy! All you need do is to thoroughly clean the surface prior to installation. This is to prevent the adhesive clinging to dust and the like instead of the surface, helping prevent the wall wrap from coming off prematurely. Make sure you give enough time for the surface to dry properly before having your custom advertising wall wrap installed. Additionally, you’ll want to clear the area near where you want the wall wrap applied to give the installers enough room to move around during the installation process.

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