Gatorwraps Sponsorship and Promotional Marketing Form

To officially submit a sponsorship or promotional marketing request, please complete this form. We carefully consider all requests. The below criteria is what we consider when determining whether to move forward with an opportunity. The opportunity does not necessarily have to meet all of the criteria.

    • The opportunity has a charitable or nonprofit organization involved.
    • By doing the sponsorship we will reach a significant, relevant audience that we are trying to target at that time.
    • The opportunity should be relevant for all of the US/Canada or large region.
    • In return for our donation, we should receive photos, press, testimonials, case study and/or extensive social media coverage.
    • Requestor or someone in his/her organization must be willing to answer questions if we put out a press release about the opportunity.
    • All sponsored wraps will include full color Gatorwraps logo as printed in the design.
    • This form is not for a monetary donation or event requests. We only sponsor graphic material donations.

As a company committed to building stronger communities, we appreciate your interest and thank you for your time.

Please submit this form and allow us up to two (2) weeks to respond. All submissions must be in one (1) month prior to the date you need the donation.