About Us

Gatorwraps is a visual marketing company that designs, prints and installs everything from vehicle wraps to building wraps, to business cards, and everything in between. We have a certified network of installers we utilize to install products in all 50 states, as well as 8 countries and counting. No job is too big, nor too small. Our experienced staff allows us to produce the highest quality graphics, with the most effective marketing messages for maximum exposure. We pride ourselves on service and making every customer feel important-because they are. We continue to grow and build our knowledge of the industry to always be on the leading edge of possibilities.

Gatorwraps was founded in 2006 by Rod Voegele. The company started with 3 employees and began early on to make its mark in the industry as a leader in style, graphic design, and quality installations, combined with customer service. We have always hired the best, trained, learned more, and trained more. We have grown to be one of the largest in the industry with international clientele, from very small startups, to large corporations. We have developed the infrastructure to support any customer needs, anywhere.