Corporate fleet wraps are an effective marketing tool in getting brand names across to a diverse audience. These types of wraps make for advertising campaigns that leave an impression. Prioritizing your needs, we make sure that you are delivered a personalized fleet embodying your requirements. Fleet wraps make for an innovative way to get your name out there, especially if those vehicles spend a lot of time outdoors and in crowded areas. Designed to be eye-catching, fleet wraps project the image of a brand as a form of mobile advertising to audiences all across the city. They are not necessarily just for larger commercial businesses. Smaller brands can also work to get their name noticed by investing in them. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, almost 95% of Americans can be exposed to media by targeting them when they are commuting in vehicles. Just by calculating your investment based on how many people will see your vehicle, the target audience you are able to reach through fleet wrapping is significantly greater than traditional forms of advertising.


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Corporate fleets that need specific designs and concepts can work with our designers to place their visualizations onto paper. We take care of everything from designing your fleet wrap, to printing it and then professionally installing it. All of our designs are conceptualized in-house to make sure that your design and graphics fit your specifications.


Corporate vehicles that travel large distances are perfect tools to get the name of your company out. Not only do they already represent you, but corporate fleet wraps can help you create a brand image that becomes a part of the city. Using 3M and Avery Graphics, we guarantee the quality of your final corporate fleet. Whether you need a new coat of pain or more complex designs, we can customize your fleet to really promote the image of your company’s brand.

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Corporate Fleet Wraps

Corporate fleet wraps are an effective promotional tool because they combine the key elements of marketing, advertising and branding, into one convenient and proven solution.

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Van Fleet Wraps

Increase your exposure with several van fleet wraps. They’ll allow your vehicles to serve as a low-cost mobile billboard seen everywhere a vehicle typically goes.

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Promotional Vehicle Wraps

Promotional vehicle wraps can be seen between 35,000 to 70,000 views per day! It is by far one of the most incredibly powerful advertising tools for your businesses.


Decal Kits

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Full Fleet Wrap

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A well cared for fleet wrap can last for up to 7 years. We usually give a lifespan of 5-7 years for our color change films (3M & Avery).
Absolutely not! A wrap can actually temporarily protect your vehicle’s paint.
There are a couple of things we can do, depending on how your wrap gets damaged, where the damage is, and how bad it is. Worst case scenario, the wrap must be removed entirely, but there’s a good chance we’ll still be able to pull a section of the wrap and replace it with a new piece of film that was left over from your installation.
That is our specialty. If you already have a design and just need to get film printed and applied, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Or if you want us to take it all the way from concept to completion, we can do that to.


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Our fleet vehicle wraps look amazing! Thank you for your prompt service.
Bridget Karsten
Your installer just left and the wrap looks amazing.
Shelly Rager
Thanks Rod. The re-wrapped Lime Truck was the star of the show and helped us win the People’s Choice Award for best booth!
Kelly Rowe