If you own a food truck, chances are you constantly work to draw in new customers. You want to make them salivate just thinking about the items on your menu, pull out their wallets, and give your truck a try.

If you want to bring in the hungry hoards like hobbits to second breakfast, one of the first things you should put in order is your food truck wrap. A food truck wrap (also known as a concession wrap) serves as your visual identity to customers new and old.

You’ve created an amazing menu and spend hours in prep time to make sure you can deliver your signature items, so why wouldn’t you put some love and care into your truck’s appearance?

We understand how important it is for your success and for building community awareness that your truck look its best and that the graphics you display represent the creative identity you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

food truck wraps

Bruxie Food Truck Wrap

CreativEats Food Truck Wrap

CreativEats Food Truck wrap


That’s why, when you contact our team to help you with your food truck wrap, we’ll give you access to award-winning designers dedicated to your success. They’ll learn about the food culture you’ve created, what attracts your customers, and your goals for the future. Then, they’ll use that information to put together an amazing graphics display for your truck.

Your food truck wrap will be the mobile billboard you need to boost business and make your customers remember you. They’ll come for the promise of great food and keep coming for your amazing cooking. When they do come, whether it’s for catering, a special event, or just your usual lunch spot, they’ll love and recognize your truck from yards away.

So, when you’re ready to get a food truck wrap that conveys your business’ personality with a strong visual identity, contact us for a consultation. You’ll be one step closer to a better business and a great food truck design.


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Macho Nacho Food Truck Wrap

macho nacho food truck wrap

Ridges Churro Bar Food Truck Wrap

Ridges Churro Bar - Food Truck Wrap

Fluff Ice Food Truck Wrap

Fluff Ice Food Truck Wrap


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A food truck wrap can last for five to seven years. It’s used heavily, so make sure to take care of your wrap to extend its life.
Typically, a regular, gentle wash with soap and water is all your wrap will need. If you want to protect it with wax, make sure the wax brand is compatible with vinyl wraps.
Your food truck wrap will protect any underlying paint, and we can safely remove and replace the wrap for you at any time.
When you bring in your food truck, we’ll assess the damage; if at all possible, we’ll replace a small section of the wrap, leaving the rest of the wrap untouched. Only in severe cases do we need to replace the whole wrap.
Yes! In addition to providing design services, we can put you in touch with our licensed providers in every state.
Of course! Our designs are created to your specifications so that your food truck wrap is exactly what you want and need. For details regarding your specific concession truck, please request a custom quote.


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